"Young, Restless, Reformed" Book Review

Just before leaving for Mexico I began to read “Young, Restless, Reformed” by Collin Hansen. I was able to finish the last few chapters while in Ensenada so I thought that I’d write a quick review of the book before posting my final thoughts on Mexico 2008.
“Young, Restless, Reformed” is a quick read, weighing in at only 156 pages. Through the book Hansen, who is a writer for Christianity Today, takes the reader on something of a road trip across the United States where he investigates some of the most recent trends in Reformed Theology and why it seems to be making such a powerful come back. Hansen examines several movements including the Passion Conferences, John Piper and Desiring God, Al Mohler and Southern Seminary, CJ Mahaney and Mark Driscoll.
It seems very popular today to talk about the Emerging Church as the next wave of what’s happening in Evangelicalism, but Hansen seems to have hit upon a movement that is growing exponentially and I know personally has had a dramatic impact on myself. Hansen’s book is an enjoyable read and helps to give a broad overview of the resurgence of reformed theology today.
Hansen writes
For nearly two years, I traveled across the country and talked with the leading pastors and theologians of the growing Reformed movement. I sat in John Piper’s den, Al Mohler’s office, C.J. Mahaney’s church, and Jonathan Edwards’s college. But the backbone of the Reformed resurgence comprises ordinary churches…churches used by God to do extraordinary things. Armed with God’s Word and transformed by the Holy Spirit, these churches’ leaders faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ week after week, through tragedy and triumph. Culture has conspired to give their message a wider audience. Desire for transcendence and tradition among young evangelicals has contributed to a Reformed resurgence…
Hunger for God’s Word. Passion for evangelism. Zeal for holiness. That’s not a revival of Calvinism. That’s a revival.
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July 06 2008 03:26 am | Blog

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