Mexico Update #23 – Traveling Mercies

By this time I’m sure that most of you have heard that two of our four vehicles were involved in car accidents yesterday. I wanted to write a post as a testimony to God’s grace and kindness in the midst of what could have been a horrible tragedy.
Yesterday, as we made our way up the I-5 I began to doze off a little bit (yes, Dave was driving and I was in the passenger seat, not the other way around). After a few minuts I looked up and noticed a sign saying that we were leaving the 5 and getting onto the 101 freeway. The Freeways change pretty fast here in CA, so it’s easy to mistakenly get on the wrong one. Scott and Luis ended up following me, while Mark and Angel ended up following Nick and staying on the I-5.
Mark immediately called me (Todd was driving) and asked what was going on. As I began giving him directions, all of a sudden I heard a crash in the background and screaming kids (this is a Pastor’s worst nightmare). Mark told me that they had been hit and that he would call me back. After several hours of phone calls and logistical wrangling, this is where everything ended up: The car in front of Nick slammed on their breaks, this caused Nick to slam on his breaks and swerve the truck and trailer into the right lane. Nick’s truck barely missed the car in front of him but the trailer hit their fender, causing some minor damage but breaking the axel of the trailer. Todd hit his break in order to avoid hitting Nick, which caused a Semi-Truck behind him to slam on their breaks. The Semi was able to stop, but not before just barely bumping into the back drivers side of the van, causing some minor body damage. EVERYONE IS OK!!! NO ONE WAS HURT AT ALL!!!
Mark and Angel’s van (driven by Todd) took care of the insurance information and continued heading to Master’s. Nick stayed behind with the trailer. Me and my two vans went to Master’s dropped off our kids, took the seats out and went back to the trailer. We unloaded the trailer, put everything in the vans and got the kids all of their stuff so that they could shower, sleep, etc. Nick and I ended up staying behind and waiting for a tow truck, which came and took the trailer to their tow lot.
Whene everything was said and done the only real damage we have is a broken trailer and some body damage to Nick’s truck and to the Chevy van (praise the Lord). You can be praying for us right now as we’re trying to figure out how to get the trailer fixed, how fast we can get it fixed and what the rest of our options are for getting the stuff back home.
I can’t help but see God’s tremendous mercy in this whole thing. The fact that two vans were on a completely different freeway for no real reason at all; the fact that a Semi Truck ran into a 15 passenger van full of teenagers and no one was hurt and the fact that we were able to unload the trailer and get everyone their stuff are all testimonies to God’s mercy in the midst of tragedy. He is good and he always does that which is good (Psalm 119:68)
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June 30 2008 06:38 pm | Blog

One Response to “Mexico Update #23 – Traveling Mercies”

  1. Buffi on 30 Jun 2008 at 7:22 pm #

    AMEN! We’re praying & praising here in Mount Vernon…