Mexico Update #20 – Ernesto

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how Pastor Ernesto seems to define himself. He only makes $10/week from the church, which isn’t even close to enough to support himself on. Because the church can’t afford to pay him a real salary, he ends up spending the majority of his time doing electrical work or plumbing work. It would be very easy for him to say that he’s a plumber or an electrician who happens to Pastor on the side, especially in light of the fact that the church barely pays him anything. But this man is a pastor before he’s anything else. He’s a good shepherd who takes care of his sheep and who happens to do electrical work and plumbing to pay the bills. It’s really just a matter of priorities for him, while he must spend most of his time making money to take care of his family, he’s a Christian and a Pastor before anything else. I guess the best way to say it would be that his faith is what defines him.

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June 27 2008 06:56 pm | Blog

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