Culture Shift Book Review

I began reading Al Mohler’s new book Culture Shift last week and just finished it this afternoon. Culture Shift is Mohler’s first book and it is an outstanding one at that. Mohler turns his brilliant mind to a number of cultural topics ranging from educational debates to the morality of the United States bombing of Hiroshima. While the topics may appear to be totally random at times, the unifying theme throughout the book is the “culture shift” that America is undergoing right now and how are Christians to understand and respond to the times we now find ourselves living in.
One of the best chapters in the book is titled “The Culture of Offendedness” where Mohler discusses the danger of living in a culture where the accusation of offendedness essentially stops all conversation. Mohler writes, “A right to free speech means a right to offend; otherwise the right would need no protection.” Obviously Christians should not seek to offend anyone, but the reality of the gospel is that it is offensive, or in Paul’s words it is “foolishness to those who are perishing.” Mohler writes, “The truth claims of Christianity, by their very particularity and exclusivisity, are inherently offensive to those who would demand some other gospel.
Culture Shift is basically a collection of short essays (the book is only 160 pages) written on various issues in american life today. Several of the essays build upon one another, while many simply stand alone. Each essay is insightful, easy to read and thoughtful. This was one of those books that you can’t put down because Mohler’s style is so engaging and his writing is so clear. I highly recommend it.
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June 01 2008 05:56 am | Blog

One Response to “Culture Shift Book Review”

  1. The Vander Arks on 02 Jun 2008 at 5:01 am #

    I read this book on the way back from Shepherd’s Conference. I thought it was really good. It seemed to be a compilation of his blog posts and are similar to the topics he chooses for that blog.