Struggling with Apathy (Part 2)

Yesterday I started a series on the subject of apathy, or more specifically how is it that a Christian young person is to respond to the apathy that seems to inevitably creep into their soul. If you have grown up in the church, or spent much time in the church at all than I’m sure that you can relate to what I’m talking about here. I think that we all know what it is like to come to church one morning and find that our hearts aren’t nearly as engaged as they once were. The music is played, the pastor preaches and all of a sudden it seems as though we’ve been doing this all of our lives and the joy of our salvation is suddenly being sucked out of us, like water running down a drain. The question is, “What can I do to fight the apathy that seems to overtake my heart?”.
Yesterday I said that the first step to fighting apathy is to believe the gospel. We need to keep precious gospel truths before our eyes in order to fight against apathy. The fact of the matter is that apathy dies at the cross, because you can not look at a bloody savior and remain apathetic, you must be moved.
A second method to fighting against apathy is this: To fight apathy we need to preach the gospel. Not only must we believe the gospel, but we must be busy about preaching the gospel if we’re going to fight apathy in our hearts. In many ways these two points are intimately tied together b/c you will not preach the gospel, if you don’t believe it and maybe that’s why so few of us do preach the gospel. There are few things in this life that will stir up your heart like presenting the gospel to someone. This is front lines, ground breaking warfare and it is exciting stuff. The greatest periods of spiritual growth in my life are almost always accompanied by evangelism. You simply can’t help but be excited about your faith when you are out defending it every day. I fear that the gospel becomes nothing more than an “old story” when we refuse to take the time to tell other people about it. All of a sudden those precious truths that should stir our hearts become stale and the living water of the gospel becomes stagnant as we refuse to share it with other people.
As I said earlier, apathy dies at the cross and one of the principle ways of keeping the cross before our eyes is to continually present it to others in all of its beauty and its gore. I pray that God will give me the courage to continue presenting Christ to the lost and that He will stamp out the apathy that seems to all too often consume my soul. Pray for me.
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May 01 2008 09:24 pm | Apathy

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